Operating a smart building in the hospitality / tourism sector - Training of Building Operators of the 21 st century

Title: Operating a smart building in the hospitality/tourism sector ? Training of Building Operators of the 21st century For whom: Building owners, Building Operators/Facilitators/Engineers, Relevant Teachers/Educators, Software/Hardware integrators Description: Building Management Systems (BMS) and respectively operation of such systems exists for quite some time. However, there is now a growing demand for Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled devices to be used in (smarter) building automation for optimal occupant comfort and energy savings. Being able to use variety of data and analyse and make sense out of it, creates opportunities for energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This workshop will introduce participants to a complete work-based training programme for operators of IoT-enabled smart buildings in the hospitality sector (https://smart-building-operator.eu/), using examples from PHOEBE DomognosticsTM monitoring and anomaly detection platform (https://phoebeinnovations.com/domognostics ). Speaker: George M. Milis, PhD, Software Systems Engineer/Analyst