Socio-technological integration and innovation

Research - Development - (Accessible) Innovation


Company Vision

G.M EuroCy Innovation Ltd aims at contributing to the social e-inclusion and innovation in Cyprus and beyond, with high quality services offered both to private and public sector, design and development of state-of-the-art web-based software solutions, study of application fields, analysis of business requirements and efficient adoption of new technology.

Accessible Society and Technology

Humans are intelligent systems with a number of sensors and actuators (e.g. hands, eyes, mind) that support them in interacting with their environment. At EuroCy, we give our best in using technology for the effective inclusion of all people (young and older), no matter how many sensors and actuators have been left with. Our driving policy is that “there are no disabled people but just societies that are not yet developed enough to accommodate the needs of all people”. 

Research and Innovation

The company has also an active role in European and National research, to advance the in-house knowledge and services’ portfolio, create strong partnerships towards the provision of next generation and state-of-the-art services to its customers throughout the world. Our primary objective is the innovation… However, there is no innovation without research!